Areas of Focus

EPIC-China aims to foster cutting-edge research on China’s most difficult energy and environmental challenges.

The Cost and Benefits of Policies

As China balances its need for economic growth and environmental quality, it is important that Chinese policymakers compare the costs and benefits of alternative policy options to ensure they are choosing the most efficient policies.

The Economics of Climate Change

Climate change will affect every sector of the economy, both locally and globally—from the amount of energy used to heat and cool homes, to our ability to work and play outside, to the performance of entire economic sectors, from agriculture to tourism.

Energy and Market Prices

China’s energy consumption is the highest in the world, and it still drives the largest share of demand growth globally. Building efficient, adaptable energy markets and supportive public policies is essential to delivering reliable energy at an affordable price.

Big Data and Environmental Quality

Over the last decade, a revolution in remote sensing and real-time monitoring—with technologies that are smaller, more accurate, cheaper and more mobile—has combined with advances in data analysis to create an opportunity to transform environmental protection.