Working PaperJan 30, 2023

International Spillover Effects of Air Pollution: Evidence from Mortality and Health Data

Seonmin Will Heo, Koichiro Ito, Rao Kotamarthi
Journal ArticleJan 18, 2023

Energy Saving May Kill: Evidence from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

Guojun He, Takanao Tanaka
Working PaperOct 05, 2022

Does the Squeaky Wheel Get More Grease? The Direct and Indirect Effects of Citizen Participation on Environmental Governance in China

Mark Buntaine, Michael Greenstone, Guojun He, Mengdi Liu, Shaoda Wang, Bing Zhang
White PaperFeb 02, 2022

The 2008 Olympics to the 2022 Olympics: China’s Fight to Win its War Against Pollution

Michael Greenstone, Guojun He, Ken Lee
Working PaperFeb 15, 2021

China’s War on Pollution: Evidence from the First Five Years

Michael Greenstone, Guojun He, Shanjun Li, Eric Zou
Journal ArticleNov 09, 2020

Watering Down Environmental Regulation in China

Guojun He, Shaoda Wang, Bing Zhang
Journal ArticleAug 24, 2020

Straw Burning, PM2.5 and Death: Evidence from China

Guojun He, Tong Liu , Maigeng Zhou
Journal ArticleJul 08, 2020

The Short-Term Impacts of COVID-19 Lockdown on Urban Air Pollution in China

Guojun He, Yuhang Pan & Takanao Tanaka
Working PaperJun 29, 2020

Can Technology Solve the Principal-Agent Problem? Evidence from China’s War on Air Pollution

Michael Greenstone, Guojun He, Ruixue Jia, Tong Liu