China has led the world in its solar power installation capacity since 2013. But over the last few years, China has begun to phase down its solar power incentives. What impact has this had on the solar market? On one hand, policymakers have been struggling to make efficient phase-down strategies without knowing the financial bottom line of the solar industry. On the other hand, the lack of policy transparency and delay of incentives have posed a serious challenge to solar investors who need to appropriately price solar assets and make sound investment decisions.  The researchers are analyzing this information failure and its impacts on the industry. They are working to discover: 1) How to benchmark the financial impact of a solar policy on different types of solar power plants 2) How to compare financial effects of differed solar policies 3) And, when the China’s solar industry can reach grid parity and be truly competitive with fossil fuel-based power plants, as well as how the government could phase down the solar incentives.